World Series Sunday Run - October 22, 2017
We do this run for the Super Bowl every year, why not also celebrate the national pastime with our national pastime, driving?  The first annual SAMOA World Series
Sunday Run [or WSSR] will mirror the SBSR.  We will meet at the AMPM Mart in Winters.  Driver meeting at 8:00AM, departure at 8:30AM sharp.  Our route will follow
SR128 west to the junction with SR121.  We will take SR121 to Silverado Trail in Napa, north to the Soda Canyon Store for a pitstop, and further north to the Lake
Hennessey turnoff [SR128 again] and back to Winters.  We will stop at the Round Table Pizza in Winters for a snack or light lunch.  The entire loop is about 95 miles.  
Gas up before departure.  This run is classified
A for Adventuresome, which means a quicker pace than some may be used to.  Please be prepared to keep up.  This is a
rain or shine run.  If the road is wet we will drive at a slower, safer pace consistent with the conditions.  This event is open to Miatas only, unless you are a club member
owning a different brand of sports car.  Please RSVP no later than October 20, 2017.

The current MLB schedule calls for the World Series to begin on Tuesday, October 24th, so by the time of this run we will probably know who the participants are.  
nevertheless, wear the colors of your favorite team when you arrive.

Ron Petrich
(916) 454-1008