Miatas At Thunderhill - August 3, 2018
Trackmasters Racing, a premier Northern California track day organizer, is offering an ALL-MIATA intermediate run group at their Friday, August 3rd open track event at
Thunderhill Raceway.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy an open track outing with your fellow Miata enthusiasts.  The run group will be limited to the first 30 Miata
signups, and will be run in conjunction with Trackmaster's other scheduled run groups.  All Trackmasters technical and driver requirements for a mixed intermediate run
group apply ( each driver must have a minimum of 2 prior track days experience, open passing on straights unless showing a circle on your rear bumper, requiring a point
by to pass you), as well as car safety and rollover protection requirements (NA/NB Miatas require aftermarket 4-point rollbar, NC/ND factory rollover protection allowed).

The Miata group will get 5-20 minute sessions on the East 3-mile track.  We will run the cyclone (turn 5) in the morning and the bypass in the afternoon.  The Miata
cost has been generously discounted to $175.

To sign up, first complete the
RSVP form below and I will email you the access code.  Then log on to www.trackmasters-racing.com and follow the link to the
August 3, 2018 event.  If you are not already a Trackmasters member, you will be prompted to do so.  It's free (enter your contact, car and experience information),
and allows Trackmasters to make sure you sign up in a group appropriate for your abilities and experience.  When prompted, in the field labeled
Role, change to choice
from the default
Member to SAMOA, and enter the access code when prompted to obtain the $175 price.  Click continue, optionally select your car from the drop
down list, and select the run group labeled
SMOA:SAMOA_Miatas.  Continue to payment info.

This event is being offered to all interested Miata drivers who qualify and has recently been posted in the NorCal section of the
Miata Forum.   So if interested get your
RSVP and registration in sooner rather than later.  Questions?  Please contact me by phone or email...

Ron Petrich
(916) 601-5338